Manny Dalipe Breeds Only the Best Cocks at his La Paz farm
   Sanborn, Los Angeles, Calif. --- Manny Dalipe is still  the number one cock breeder in Zamboanga City. His breeding farm in La Paz in the city's west coast produces some of the best breed of fighting cocks in the Philippines.
   In many derbies in the Philippines and in La Bella, Manny's entries usually emerge champions or runner ups. In the 2006 Bakbakan 9 stags derby held at the Araneta Coliseum last November 28 there were three champions and Manny Dalipe's entry was the solo runner up out of the 1,270 entries. The ever popular "Zamboanga White" breed came from Manny's breeding farm and has been in demand from cockfighters nationwide.
    According to Sarge Edwin Reyes, of Norwalk, Calif. who happens to be a die-hard fan of Manny here in the US of A, he will finance or buy some of Manny's fighting cocks when he goes home this coming October for the Fiesta Pilar.