By the ZCin2020 & L.A. Zamboanga Times Investigative Team

Excerpts from Philippine Supreme Court documents in the case of People of the Philippines vs. Romeo Jalosjos:

"Maria Rosilyn Delantar was a slim, eleven-year old lass with long, straight black hair and almond-shaped black eyes. She grew up in a two-storey apartment in Pasay City under the care of Simplicio Delantar, whom she treated as her own father. Simplicio was a fifty-six year old homosexual whose ostensible source of income was selling longganiza and tocino and accepting boarders at his house. On the side, he was also engaged in the skin trade as a pimp.

Rosilyn never got to see her mother, though she had known a younger brother, Shandro, who was also under the care of Simplicio. At a very young age of 5, fair and smooth-complexioned Rosilyn was exposed by Simplicio to his illicit activities. She and her brother would tag along with Simplicio whenever he delivered prostitutes to his clients. When she turned 9, Rosilyn was offered by Simplicio as a prostitute to an Arabian national known as Mr. Hammond. Thus begun her ordeal as one of the girls sold by Simplicio for sexual favors.

Rosilyn first met accused-appellant, Romeo Jalosjos, sometime in February 1996 at his office located near Robinson’s Galleria. Rosilyn and Simplicio were brought there and introduced by a talent manager by the name of Eduardo Suarez. Accused-appellant promised to help Rosilyn become an actress. When he saw Rosilyn, accused-appellant asked how old she was. Simplicio answered, “10. She is going to be 11 on May 11.”

Accused-appellant inquired if Rosilyn knows how to sing. Simplicio told Rosilyn to sing, so she sang the song, “Tell Me You Love Me.” Accused-appellant then asked if Rosilyn has nice legs and then raised her skirt up to the mid-thighs. He asked if she was already menstruating, and Simplicio said yes. Accused-appellant further inquired if Rosilyn already had breasts. When nobody answered, accused-appellant cupped Rosilyn’s left breast. Thereafter, accused-appellant assured them that he would help Rosilyn become an actress as he was one of the producers of the TV programs, “Valiente” and “Eat Bulaga.”

Simplicio and Suarez then discussed the execution of a contract for Rosilyn’s movie career. Accused-appellant, on the other hand, said that he would adopt Rosilyn and that the latter would have to live with him in his condominium at the Ritz Towers. Before Simplicio and Rosilyn went home, accused-appellant gave Rosilyn P2,000.00.

The second time Rosilyn met accused-appellant was at his condominium unit, located at Room 1702, Ritz Towers, Makati City. Accused-appellant and Simplicio discussed the contract and his plan to finance Rosilyn’s studies. Accused-appellant gave Simplicio P500.00, thereafter, Rosilyn, Shandro and Simplicio left.

The third meeting between Rosilyn and accused-appellant was also at Ritz Towers to discuss her acting career. Accused-appellant referred the preparation of Rosilyn’s contract to his lawyer, who was also present. After the meeting, Simplicio and Rosilyn left. As they were walking towards the elevator, accused-appellant approached them and gave Rosilyn P3,000.00.

On June 14, 1996, at about 8:30 to 9:00 p.m., Simplicio and Rosilyn returned to accused-appellant’s condominium unit at Ritz Towers. When accused-appellant came out of his bedroom, Simplicio told Rosilyn to go inside the bedroom, while he and accused-appellant stayed outside. After a while, accused-appellant entered the bedroom and found Rosilyn watching television. He walked towards Rosilyn and kissed her on the lips, then left the room again. Simplicio came in and bid her goodbye. Rosilyn told Simplicio that accused-appellant kissed her to which Simplicio replied, “Halik lang naman.”

Rosilyn was left alone in the bedroom watching television. After some time, accused-appellant came in and entered the bathroom. He came out clad in a long white T-shirt on which was printed the word, “Dakak.” In his hand was a plain white T-shirt. Accused-appellant told Rosilyn that he wanted to change her clothes. Rosilyn protested and told accused-appellant that she can do it herself, but accused-appellant answered, “Daddy mo naman ako.” Accused-appellant then took off Rosilyn’s blouse and skirt. When he was about to take off her panties, Rosilyn said, “Huwag po.” Again, accused-appellant told her, “After all, I am your Daddy.” Accused-appellant then removed her panties and dressed her with the long white T-shirt.

The two of them watched television in bed. After sometime, accused-appellant turned off the lamp and the television. He turned to Rosilyn and kissed her lips. He then raised her shirt, touched her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina. Rosilyn felt pain and cried out, “Tama na po.” Accused-appellant stopped. He continued to kiss her lips and fondle her breasts. Later, accused-appellant told Rosilyn to sleep.

The following morning, Rosilyn was awakened by accused-appellant whom she found bent over and kissing her. He told her to get up, took her hand and led her to the bathroom. He removed Rosilyn’s shirt and gave her a bath. While accused-appellant rubbed soap all over Rosilyn’s body, he caressed her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina. After that, he rinsed her body, dried her with a towel and applied lotion on her arms and legs. Then, he dried her hair and told her to dress up. Rosilyn put on her clothes and went out of the bathroom, while accused-appellant took a shower.

Accused-appellant ate breakfast while Rosilyn stayed in the bedroom watching television. When accused-appellant entered the room, he knelt in front of her, removed her panties and placed her legs on his shoulders. Then, he placed his tongue on her vagina. Thereafter, he gave Rosilyn P10,000.00 and told his housemaid to take her shopping at Shoemart. When she returned to the Ritz Towers, Simplicio was waiting for her. The two of them went home. Rosilyn narrated to Simplicio what accused-appellant did to her, and pleaded for him not to bring her back to the Ritz Towers. Simplicio told her that everything was alright as long as accused-appellant does not have sexual intercourse with her.

That same evening, at around 9:00 to 9:30 in the evening, Simplicio again brought Rosilyn to the Ritz Towers. After Simplicio left, accused-appellant removed Rosilyn’s clothes and dressed her with the same long T-shirt. They watched television for a while, then accused-appellant sat beside Rosilyn and kissed her on the lips. He made Rosilyn lie down, lifted her shirt above her breasts, and inserted his finger into her vagina. Then, accused-appellant removed his own clothes, placed his penis between Rosilyn’s thighs and made thrusting motions until he ejaculated on her thighs. Thereafter, accused-appellant kissed her and told her to sleep.

The next day, June 16, 1996, accused-appellant roused her from sleep and bathed her. Again, he rubbed soap all over her body, washed her hair, and thereafter rinsed her body and dried her hair. While accused-appellant was bathing Rosilyn, he asked her to fondle his penis while he caressed her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina. After their shower, accused-appellant ate breakfast. He gave Rosilyn P5,000.00 and told her to just wait for Simplicio in the condominium unit. On their way home, Simplicio told Rosilyn that if accused-appellant tries to insert his penis into her vagina, she should refuse.

At around 8:00 p.m. of June 18, 1996, Simplicio brought Rosilyn to the Ritz Towers. They found accused-appellant sitting on the bed in his bedroom. Simplicio told Rosilyn to approach accused-appellant, then he left. Accused-appellant took off Rosilyn’s clothes and dressed her with a long T-shirt on which was printed a picture of accused-appellant and a woman, with the caption, “Cong. Jalosjos with his Toy.”

They watched television for a while, then accused-appellant lay beside Rosilyn and kissed her on the lips. He raised her shirt and parted her legs. He positioned himself between the spread legs of Rosilyn, took off his own shirt, held his penis, and poked and pressed the same against Rosilyn’s vagina. This caused Rosilyn pain inside her sex organ. Thereafter, accused-appellant fondled her breasts and told her to sleep.

When Rosilyn woke up the following morning, June 19, 1996, accused-appellant was no longer around but she found P5,000.00 on the table. Earlier that morning, she had felt somebody touching her private parts but she was still too sleepy to find out who it was. Rosilyn took a bath, then went off to school with Simplicio, who arrived to fetch her.

The next encounter of Rosilyn with accused-appellant was on June 21, 1996, at about 9:00 o’clock in the evening in his bedroom at the Ritz Towers. Accused-appellant stripped her naked and again put on her the long shirt he wanted her to wear. After watching television for a while, accused-appellant knelt beside Rosilyn, raised her shirt, caressed her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina. Then, he clipped his penis between Rosilyn’s thighs, and made thrusting motions until he ejaculated. Thereafter, Rosilyn went to sleep.

The next day, June 22, 1996, Rosilyn was awakened by accused-appellant who was kissing her and fondling her sex organ. She, however, ignored him and went back to sleep. When she woke up, she found the P5,000.00 which accused-appellant left and gave the same to Simplicio Delantar, when the latter came to pick her up.

On June 29, 1996, Rosilyn again went to the Ritz Towers. During that visit, accused-appellant took photographs of Rosilyn. He asked her to pose with her T-shirt pulled down thereby exposing her breasts. He also took her photographs with her T-shirt rolled up to the pelvis but without showing her pubis, and finally, while straddled on a chair facing the backrest, showing her legs.

Before Rosilyn went to sleep, accused-appellant kissed her lips, fondled her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina. The following morning, she woke up and found the P5,000.00 left by accused-appellant on the table. She recalled that earlier that morning, she felt somebody caressing her breasts and sex organ.

On July 2, 1996 at 7:00 p.m., Rosilyn and Simplicio returned to the Ritz Towers. Rosilyn had to wait for accused-appellant, who arrived between 12:00 to 1:00 a.m. He again dressed her with the long white shirt similar to what he was wearing. While sitting on the bed, accused-appellant kissed her lips and inserted his tongue into her mouth. He then fondled her breasts and inserted his finger into her vagina, causing her to cry in pain. Accused-appellant stopped and told her to sleep.

The next morning, accused-appellant bathed her again. While he soaped her body, he fondled her breasts and inserted his finger in her vagina. Rosilyn felt pain and shoved his hand away. After bathing her, accused-appellant had breakfast. Before he left, he gave Rosilyn P5,000.00. As soon as Simplicio arrived, Rosilyn gave her the money and then they left for school.

On July 20, 1996, Simplicio again brought Rosilyn to the Ritz Towers. Accused-appellant was waiting in his bedroom. He took off Rosilyn’s clothes, including her panties, and dressed her with a long T-shirt similar to what he was wearing.

After watching television, accused-appellant kissed Rosilyn on the lips, inserted his tongue in her mouth and fondled her breasts. Then, he made Rosilyn lie on the bed, spread her legs apart and placed a pillow under her back. He inserted his finger in her vagina and mounted himself between her legs with his hands rested on her sides. After that, he lifted his shirt, then pointed and pressed his penis against her vagina. Accused-appellant made thrusting motions, which caused Rosilyn pain. Thereafter, accused-appellant told her to sleep.

In the early morning of July 21, 1996, Rosilyn felt somebody touching her sex organ, but she did not wake up. When she woke up later, she found P5,000.00 on the table, and she gave this to Simplicio when he came to fetch her.

On August 15, 1996, Rosilyn and Simplicio went to the Ritz Towers at around 7:00 p.m. Accused-appellant was about to leave, so he told them to come back later that evening. The two did not return.

The following day, Rosilyn ran away from home with the help of Yamie Estreta, one of their boarders. Yamie accompanied Rosilyn to the Pasay City Police, where she executed a sworn statement against Simplicio Delantar. Rosilyn was thereafter taken to the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) conducted an investigation, which eventually led to the filing of criminal charges against accused-appellant.

On August 23, 1996, Rosilyn was examined by Dr. Emmanuel L. Aranas at Camp Crame. The examination yielded the following results:


Fairly developed, fairly nourished and coherent female subject. Breasts are conical with pinkish brown areola and nipples from which no secretions could be pressed out. Abdomen is flat and soft


There is moderate growth of pubic hair. Labia majora are full, convex and coaptated with the pinkish brown labia minora presenting in between. On separating the same disclosed an elastic, fleshy type hymen, with shallow healed laceration at 3 o'clock position and deep healed laceration at 8 o'clock position. External vaginal orifice offers moderate resistance to the introduction of the examining index finger and the virgin sized vaginal speculum. Vaginal canal is narrow with prominent rugosities. Cervix is firm and closed.


Subject is in non-virgin state physically.

BOBOY'S NOTES: The original documents containing the exceprts above can be found here: http://sc.judiciary.gov.ph/jurisprudence/2001/nov2001/132875_76.htm