The 'Paracletos' are in Los Angeles to raise money

Photo courtesy of NONIE LEDESMA of Stockton, Calif.
From left to right: Standing:  Monsignor Chito Araneta, V.G., Monsignor Cris Manongas, V.G.
Fr. Larry Gador Sitting: Fr. Rey Francisco
and Fr. Bobby Pimentel.

An Open Letter From 'The Singing Priests of Zamboanga City'
     We are the Singing Priests of Zamboanga City popularly known as "The Paracletos." In April-May 2005, we did a series of musical concerts here in Northern California particularly in San Francisco (St. Patrick's Church), in Stockton (Church of the Presentation), in Modesto, Hayward and Salinas.
    Those engagements were meant to establish contacts with Zamboanga Communities here in the United States and to raise funds for the hospita-
lization plan of the retired priests in Zamboanga.
   Now, we are back to the U.S. once again. This time we are here as official representatives of the Archbishop of Zamboanga, Most Rev. Romulo Valles, D.D. to invite the Zamboanguenos to the Centennial Celebration of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga in April 10, 2010.
    The centennial celebration is a great jubilee of the local church of Zam-
boanga focusing its theme to thank God for the blessings and graces the Archdiocese received since its foundation. The Theme: "REMEMBERING
ore, to meet Zamboangueno Associations here in the U.S. so we that we
can make our invitation and appeal in person. 
    One essential component of the Centennial celebration is the recruitment, training and formation of young men to the priesthood. In Zamboanga, we need more priests. "The harvest is great but the laborers are few"
(Luke 10:2) as the Lord says in the Gospel. The need for more priests to
serve in the Archdiocese especially in the barrios and remote villages has always been the foremost concern our Archbishop as well as the pressing
need of the local church. There are many young me who desire to become priests and missionaries but are simply prevented by the lack of financial support for their studies. Therefore, whatever donations and pledges we
can raise from our meeting with the Zamboanga Associations will go to the Foundation for the Support of our seminarians studying for the priesthood.
    On October 11 we will be presenting a musical concert during the gathe-
ring of the Zamboanga Association in New York for their Fiesta Pilar celebration. On October 17 we will meet another group of Filipinos in New Jersey with help of Fr. Francis Tam, a Zamboangueno Priest serving the diocese there. On October 20 we will be Chicago for the same purpose.
Our contact person there is Mrs Belinda Salazar Sampang who is arranging
our engagement with the Zamboanga Hermosa in Illinois & Michigan areas.
     Susan Galvadores and Nonie Ledesma, our very gracious hosts here in Stockton, advised us to send you this open letter e-mail, being the Presi-
dent of Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California, to explore the possibility of going to Los Angeles for the same intentions as stated above:
to invite the Zamboanguenos for the Centenial celebration of the Diocese
of Zamboanga and to seek support for our seminarians studying for the priesthood.
     We can hold a full musical concert which  can last for an hour and a
or we can simply have the gathering of Zamboangueños with the celebation
of the Holy Mass and a little program aferwards where we as a Singing
Group can entertain the people with some of our favorite songs. Our repertoire includes: Religious Songs, Revivals or flashbacks, popular
Filipino songs and of course our favorite traditional and original Zam-
boanga tunes, among
     We would be deeply grateful for any assistance you can extend to
help us fulfill our objectives in coming here to the United States. Ojala
el rezo de La Virgen del Pilar para canaton continua protege con el de
aton ciudad Zamboanga Hermosa y su mga vivientes.
May God continue
to give you His grace and Blessings.
     In behalf of our Archbishop, Most Rev. Romulo G. Valles, D.D., and 
the Clergy of Zamboanga, we remain
In Christ,
Monsignor Cris Manongas, V.G.
Monsignor Chito Araneta, V.G.
Fr. Bobby Pimentel
Fr. Larry Gador
Fr. Rey Francisco
EDITOR'S NOTE:  The 'Paracletos' will perform at the Whitten Community
Center at 900 S. Melrose St., Placentia, Calif. 92870 on Saturday, Nov. 15
at 2:30 pm.
   They will leave L.A. and proceed to Gilroy, Calif. on Sunday, Nov. 16. 
Then they will perform in Modesto, Calif. on Nov. 22. On Friday, Nov. 28,
they will be flying back back to Zamboanga. For more info please contact
Nonie Ledesma at (209) 423-8631.
   Zamboangueños in Southern California can send their monetary donations (check only) to:
       CIONY CRUZ, 955 Los Lagos St. #59, Pomona, Calif. 91766
Please make your checks payable to: "ZHCSC." In the memo of your check, please do not forget to write "PARACLETOS." Your donation is tax-deductible.